■Discover Fukushima 2017■

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■Discover Fukushima 2017■

こんにちは、ガラール アハマドです。12月に福島市民家園で開催された「日本刀鍛錬(たんれん)実演」を見学してきました!実演してくれたのは、福島県内唯一の刀鍛冶、藤安将平(ふじやすまさひら)刀匠(とうしょう)です。
Hello, this is Galal Ahmad again. Today, I’d like to tell you about a sword-tempering demonstration that I attended. It was held in Fukushima-shi Minkaen in December, 2017. The demonstrator was a swordcraft master named Masahira Fujiyasu, who is the only Japanese swordsmith in Fukushima Prefecture. For the last five decades, he has dedicated himself to the art of forging Japanese swords.

Using a technique that required Master Masahira to work perfectly in tune with his apprentice, we watched what was once just a piece of iron change very quickly into a Japanese katana. I was impressed to see a Japanese traditional art that has been passed down over many generations.
This exhibition will be regularly held from January, and I highly recommend visiting there.

お問合せ/Contact Details/諮詢:
Fukushima city tourism and convention association.

TEL 024-5310-6432
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Masahira Fumiyasu, the sword master (Fukushima city)